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Petr Mundev

Tomáš was a member to a translation team of 10 I lead for a US client working on a major localization project.


He did a great job on all the translation and transcreation tasks involved and proved to be a very reliable professional fully qualified for any translation work in the creative or marketing field.


Since my first experience with him, Tomáš has been on the roster for most of my translation projects requiring a team of linguists.


Working with this guy is highly recommended.

Mary Paludi

I had the pleasure to work with Tomáš for the transcreation, translation and review of all Czech related content of the website and marketing texts such as newsletters, banners, video subtiles, and social media captions.

He showed an extremely high level of reliability and he was always available to brainstorm and have open discussions on the best creative transcreation options to guarantee the optimal cultural fit.

He also worked proactively and independently on the creation of the terminology database and ensured high-quality throughout of our channels.

I hope to collaborate with him also on other projects.

Nenad Andrisek

Tomaš is a responsible, reliable and very responsive translator. In a world where communication is very important, these values aren't earned easily.


I definitely recommend working with Tomaš.

Tomáš Q Procházka

Tomáš has been my primary translator for a long time. What I appreciate about working with him the most is his morale and good will. He's a great communicator, completely transparent, meets deadlines and sticks to the budget.


You can also see his empathy and respect for his clients. He obviously tries to work efficiently and not waste clients' time.


In short, Tom is my translator of choice.

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