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How can
I help you?

Take a look on what I specialize in. 


Marketing Translation

I'll help you introduce your product or service in the Czech Republic.


By analyzing your brand identity, tone of voice and target audience,

I'll make sure the translation catches the right kind of attention and turns readers into leads.



Translation for high-profile copy that needs to captivate the readers

as much as possible. Slogans, commercials, product names and the sort.


I unleash my creativity to transform the original text into a new one. Some things will need to be added, redacted or changed. I'll explain my creative decisions so you're not in the dark.


Audiovisual Translation

Fancy way of saying I translate subtitles. I can also make them from scratch. I've translated all kinds of genres for all major streaming platforms but I also do subtitles for commercial videos.


As a passionate cinephile, I pay extra attention to the screenplay, direction and dialogue.


Linguistic QA

If you already have a Czech copy, I will proof it and make sure it's spotless while respecting the original translator or author.

Also, I can analyze your current translations or copy and tell you what's working and what's not.

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